President Obama wins second Xbox Live presidential debate

The election season is heating up, with three debates down and only one left to go before election day. The polling data during the live debate broadcasts on Xbox Live has been consistent with the general reaction so far, calling the first presidential debate a win for GOP candidate Mitt Romney and the second a win for Vice President Joe Biden. Last night, the second presidential debate took place, and Xbox Live users agree with the pundits and politicos once again: President Obama took it.

According to the Major Nelson Blog, roughly 51% of undecided voters declared Obama the winner, compared to 32% unsure and only 17% for Romney. 19% of those who were leaning toward Romney prior to the debate thought Obama won, as compared to only 2% of Obama-leaners who thought Romney won. 28% of undecided voters either leaned or supported Obama after the debate, compared to 10% of undecided who leaned or supported Romney. The blog didn't break down group-by-group percentages this time, so we can only assume that those who are already decided split down party lines.

In terms of the issues, 52% of the undecided voters thought Obama was more truthful, compared to 17% for Romney. Meanwhile, 56% thought Obama was specific enough about his plans, compared to 17% thought Romney was specific enough. You might notice those numbers are strikingly similar to the ones declaring Obama the winner, so truth and specificity go a long way toward winning. Only 22% of those who leaned toward Romney before the debate thought he was the most truthful.

The data was culled from 2 million responses to poll questions, averaging roughly 35-40,000 per question. Approximately 2,000 undecided voters responded to the questions, and Microsoft boasts that the debate had more than 100,000 viewers in all.

The last debate will take place next Monday, October 22, and will focus on foreign policy. If you watch at least three of the debates on Xbox Live, you'll snag a free Avatar Armor for being a good active citizen.