Halo 4 trailer goes in depth on multiplayer

The Halo series in known for its multiplayer, but Halo 4 is looking to infuse some story in the multiplayer experience. 343 Industries has released a 13-minute trailer talking about co-op and multiplayer and how it ties to Infinity, the UNSC capital ship at the center of it all.

The video, released on Halo Waypoint, talks about a new scoring system that lets players get credit for accomplishments that don't always equate to kills. It also talks about Dominion mode, which is basically large maps with vehicle combat at its core. Halo4Nation spotted a new MP map called Vortex, which is speculated to be a remake of the Blood Gulch/Waterworks map.

Halo is scheduled to be released for Xbox 360 on November 6 with a second disk for the multiplayer aspects of the game.