SimCity trailer is a total disaster

By Steve Watts, Oct 15, 2012 12:00pm PDT

Disasters are a vital part of the SimCity series. Reactions to them vary from horror (if you put hard work into your city before having it completely wrecked) to glee (if you're a sadist). Obviously the new SimCity will offer even more detailed tragedies, and a new trailer outlines how to avoid those pitfalls.

The advice is pretty simple: make sure you have police stations, fire stations, and hospitals around. None of these structures prevent the disasters, but they do help you rebuild quickly after a disaster strikes. It really seems like basic law enforcement and disaster response would be pretty high on the "to do" list of any actual city planner, but the concept does give us ample reason to watch terrible things happen to otherwise nice towns. We get a look at earthquakes, meteors, tornadoes, and even a glimpse at UFOs. No giant rampaging monsters, though; they must be saving that for DLC.

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