Dust 514 to outlive PlayStation 3, says CCP

Dust 514 is launching near the end of what we presume will be the end of the PlayStation 3's lifespan. But just because the PS3 only has a few years left in it doesn't mean the game will die with it. EVE Online executive producer Jonathan Lander says that CCP has a five-year plan for the game, and other development ideas to make it last much longer.

"Our plan is that we want in another ten years to be having 'EVE is 20' and 'Dust is 10' [events]" Lander told Games Industry International, in response to a question about the game outliving this console generation. "We've got a five-year road map with a whole load of things we'd love to put into Dust. We've got crazy ideas that will take us through another 20 years of development." He says the game is built around the ability to quickly and easily issue updates and expansions.

He does note that the team is "100 percent" focused on the PlayStation 3 right now, but his comments seem to imply an eventual port as a possibility. He says Dust is targeted for a "different type of gamer" than the strategy-heavy EVE. "We want the people who want to play for 15 minutes and shoot somebody."