Viking: Battle for Asgard hitting PC next week

A curious bloody blast from The Creative Assembly's past is coming to PCs next week. The Total War series creator's second console game, the hack-and-slash Viking: Battle for Asgard from back in 2008, is unexpectedly getting a very late downloadable release, seemingly jazzed up a bit.

Sega's Hardlight Studio, who one imagines is responsible for porting it, dropped the news on Twitter. Though the Tweet only mentions Steam, it'll also be on Gamersgate and presumably other stores too.

"It's looking really pretty," The Creative Assembly added, sharing a single screenshot. "We're looking forward to seeing one of our favourite games find a whole new audience."

Though TCA is known chiefly for its Total War games, it dipped its toe into console waters with the God of War-ish Spartan: Total Warrior in 2005 then Viking: Battle for Asgard. Its third and final console game was a chance of pace, 2009's real-time tactical Stormrise, which also hit PC.

Get a feel for Viking's tone with this old, old trailer for the console edition:

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