Crysis 2 gets better HD textures with MaLDoHD mod

Crysis 2 should have melted off the faces of PC gamers everywhere. Instead, our faces were left intact. Crytek acknowledged the shortcomings of the game's original release and subsequently released an "Ultra Upgrade," which added fancy DX11 effects. An additional High-Res Texture Pack sharped the overall look of the game.

But for some, Crysis 2 was still not as blisteringly beautiful as it should be. That's where the MaLDoHD mod comes in.

"Even if you don't stop to admire every bush, the ambiance of the jungley New York is hugely expanded with MaLDoHD's work: graffiti is clear, signs can be read, and bricks and cracks are defined," PC Gamer described. As evidenced by the image above, the improvements are rather obvious.

You can download the add-on right here. In addition to pretty new textures, you'll also get new toggles for anti-aliasing, LOD, depth of field, view distance, and more. Do note that the mod won't work with existing saves, so you'll either have to start your beautiful journey anew, or use the mod's level select feature.