Pocket Planes landing on Mac with cross-platform support

Nimblebit's Pocket Planes is making the trek from iOS devices to its big brother, OS X. The full-sized version will be identical to its mobile equivalent, with the addition of a new plane and a cross-platform syncing feature. It will be available on the Mac App Store this Thursday.

TouchArcade reports that that the Mac version will get an X10 Mapple Pro, which is faster and has more cargo space than the Mohawk plane. Thanks to the syncing feature, you can play on either the iOS or Mac and then pick it up where you left off on the other.

You might know NimbleBit as the creators of Tiny Tower, a game so successful that Zynga, let's say, paid homage to it. NimbleBit is starting a new series of "Pocket Plane Shorts," and is planning to release a series for Tiny Tower as well.