Crysis 3 trailer gives multiplayer overview

Are you buying Crysis 3 for its multiplayer? No, of course you're not: you're interested in the single-player campaign. However, as you'll be paying for multiplayer anyway, you may as well give it a go before you return to your online vice of choice. A new trailer out today details two of the FPS's modes, so go on, give it a look.

Crysis 3's multiplayer packs 12 maps, over 30 new weapons, and eight modes, producer Mike Read explains. PC will support 16-player games, while consoles only manage 12.

Hunter Mode sees two permanently cloaked 'hunters' with bows taking on a load of CELL soldiers. Each soldier they kill respawns as another hunter, so it'll be tricky for CELL. Crash-Site is a returning mode, pitting equal teams in nanosuits against each other to capture randomly dropped alien pods. New to the mode in Crysis 3, though, is a big stompy robot suit you can control.

Rounding out multiplayer is stat-tracking social challenge-y comparison thing, the New York Feed.

Developed by Crytek, Crysis 3 is due on PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3 in February 2013.