Hotline Miami coming to PC this month

A neon haze of ultraviolence is descending upon PC later this month, as publisher Devolver Digital has announced top-down murderfest Hotline Miami will launch on October 23, priced at $9.99. That's two weeks to dig out your finest pig mask and sharpen your reflexes for a gaudy world of messy one-hit kills and leaderboard rivalries.

You can pre-order Hotline Miami with a 10% discount for $8.99 from stores including Steam and Get Games. Get Games is probably your best bet, as it includes a bonus level and activates on Steam anyway.

The Mac edition is coming "not this month but as soon as we can," the official Twitter account notes. "Also, looking at consoles."

Hotline Miami is a collaboration between Jonatan 'Cactus' Söderström and artist Dennis Wedin.

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