Resident Evil 6 director talks about making 'horror entertainment' with 'global appeal'

With such mixed reviews, many have questioned Capcom's scattered approach to Resident Evil 6. Not effective as a horror game, and not competent as an action game, Resident Evil 6 disappointed quite a number of fans.

It's clear that the game's shortcomings come from misguided direction. Producer Yoshiaki Hirabayashi admitted that the game wasn't necessarily to create a horror game. Instead, "we wanted to create what we're calling 'horror entertainment.' We realize there's a segment of the population out there that likes entertainment, but not necessarily horror. They're put off by horror."

The desire to appeal to the "mass market" likely resulted in the addition of Chris' military-style campaign. Not only do players fight against zombies with guns, but players will take cover and fight alongside other soldiers with online co-op. For many, this was a direct contradiction to what Resident Evil was all about. "I know that when I explain it like that, it seems like those ideas are contradictory, and that it would be hard to achieve something like that," Hirabayashi told 1UP. "I don't necessarily disagree."

Director Eiichiro Sasaki also talked about the game's attempt to appeal to an international audience. "It can't be just about the Japanese market or the North American market or the European market. It's the whole world now. Trying to find that commonality that bridges all these cultures and creates an entertaining game, that's where the challenge lies."

"Everyone has a different design sensibility," he added. "Trying to come up with that universality is difficult." Ironically, given Capcom's attempt at creating a game that appeals to all audiences, it appears they've created the most divisive title in the history of the franchise thus far.