Weekend Confirmed 133 - Resident Evil 6, Tokyo Jungle, Borderlands 2

By Jeff Mattas, Oct 05, 2012 11:00am PDT

On this week's episode of Weekend Confirmed, host Garnett Lee is joined by Jeff Cannata and Nikole Zivalich to dissect new games like Resident Evil 6, the animal-laden Tokyo Jungle, Pokemon Black 2, and to chat a bit more about the loot-filled Borderlands 2. Finishing Moves wraps things up, followed by the post-show NFL TailGate.

Weekend Confirmed Ep. 133: 10/05/2012

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  • On the RE6 talk, I think Jeff went into the game with entirely the wrong midnset. I did not, even for a second, expect to find horror in RE6. I've already accepted that RE4 killed the genre on consoles. It's dead. In a previous episode of this show Garnett, after having checked out an RE6 demo, accepted that Capcom had dropped all pretense of survival horror. I think we should all expect this.

    After finishing three of the campaigns, I think RE6's core combat is actually great. It's a pretty good evolution of RE4's combat and plays nothing like Gears or Call of Duty. The controls may be similar but the tools at your disposal are different.

    RE6's problem is that it's dragged down by some downright clumsy design oversight and some sections of pretty awful level design. The first two chapters of Jake's campaign (what Jeff played) are indeed pretty bad, but in my opinion the quality skyrocketed once Jake chapter 3 started. Chris' and Leon's campaigns are similar - great much of the time, but dragged down by some really shitty gameplay here and there. The sheer size of RE6 probably ended up making it a game of both highs and depressing lows of quality.

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    • You nailed it. This is what I don't understand, everyone knew and was expecting RE6 to be even more action-oriented than 5, which was even more action-oriented than 4. Hell, you can even argue that 3 was more action-oriented than 2 because you could dodge more attacks and some of the zombies "sprinted" at you (I remember people making a HUGE DEAL about that too, when it really wasn't at all), and of course there was Nemesis.

      I also couldn't agree more about RE6 when it comes to combat and controls. I just cannot even begin to fathom the incessant whining about the controls. They are much more solid than 5, ESPECIALLY the UI. Good lord why is no one talking about this? The UI is incredible, even though the different UI style for each campaign is a bit annoying, the fact that I can jump into my inventory, combine herbs, and equip them in less than 2 seconds is a godsend. In RE5 I lost count of how many times I died while struggling to equip a f-ing healing item.

      What I also don't understand is this massive obsession with Resident Evil 4. If it's RE4 you want, the gameplay style is alive and well in Dead Space 1&2 and Shadows of the Damned.

      Resident Evil 6 definitely has some slip ups. I could have done without so many QTEs and chase segments (in particular, the moments where you have to run away with ridiculous camera swinging around throwing off your perspective).

      Overall though it's a perfectly solid entry into the franchise, and one that I'm actually enjoying MORE the more I'm playing. I also like how no one is giving this game any props for it's ridiculously ambitious attempt at an interwoven storyline.