Weekend Confirmed 133 - Resident Evil 6, Tokyo Jungle, Borderlands 2

By Jeff Mattas, Oct 05, 2012 11:00am PDT

On this week's episode of Weekend Confirmed, host Garnett Lee is joined by Jeff Cannata and Nikole Zivalich to dissect new games like Resident Evil 6, the animal-laden Tokyo Jungle, Pokemon Black 2, and to chat a bit more about the loot-filled Borderlands 2. Finishing Moves wraps things up, followed by the post-show NFL TailGate.

Weekend Confirmed Ep. 133: 10/05/2012

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    Listener Feedback/Front Page News 01:29:02 – 02:05:15

    TailGate 02:05:57 – 02:18:16

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  • I'm listening to the latest episode right now and had to get on here to tell you guys Nikole is the BEST! Can she come back on the show more often?!

    I really felt the nerdy nerd love of pokemon come through her pokemon discussion and it was just awesome to hear somebody have such an un-ashamed love for something. Makes me want to play pokemon again. Especially Pokemon Snap. Can we please get a Pokemon Snap 2 on Wii U? Please Nintendo???

    Also I just wanted to chime in real quick on the RE discussion. I feel like I have a unique perspective in that I've played through the mainline series through all for the first time in the past year. And I can say that my favorite RE games are all of the older ones that have the horrible tank controls. Yes, I'm a modern gamer that feels the best RE games have the worst controls. But Garnett, you perfectly nailed why they were so tense sometimes, and that's because of the inner struggle you have with yourself when managing the items you are going to carry with you. That's such a huge thing that makes the old RE games (And RE4 and a little bit but not as much in RE5) tense and adds to the horror. Also, and I feel this is a big also, is the typewriter/saving system. One of my favorite things when playing a RE game is when you are struggling to survive, and then you finally find a save room. That melodic piano starts playing that is oh so soothing and calming, and you finally feel like "phew, ok... I'm safe for now. Now I'm gonna rearrange my items... and save and just take a small breather and get MENTALLY ready for the struggle to come. This balance of action and tension then breather and feeling of total safety is AMAZING in the old RE games that gets lost starting in RE5.

    And here's the thing. I don't mind the RE series going totally action crazy here on out. I wish it didn't but I've come to accept that fact that action sells more and Capcom is going to try and make one of it's best selling series of all time even more best selling by making it more acceptable to a bigger audience, but as long as it's still good. From what I've seen and played, RE6 is just not a good RE game, but just not a good game period.

    Anyways, thanks for giving me an outlet to rant, keep up the great work on the show, and bring on more Nikole!