Weekend Confirmed 133 - Resident Evil 6, Tokyo Jungle, Borderlands 2

By Jeff Mattas, Oct 05, 2012 11:00am PDT

On this week's episode of Weekend Confirmed, host Garnett Lee is joined by Jeff Cannata and Nikole Zivalich to dissect new games like Resident Evil 6, the animal-laden Tokyo Jungle, Pokemon Black 2, and to chat a bit more about the loot-filled Borderlands 2. Finishing Moves wraps things up, followed by the post-show NFL TailGate.

Weekend Confirmed Ep. 133: 10/05/2012

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    TailGate 02:05:57 – 02:18:16

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  • The Pokemon discussion was delightful, but one point bears mention.

    Yes, on the surface, the games are pretty much all identical, but the metagame can change drastically from one iteration to the next. The monsters are constantly being re-balanced, and the underpinnings that affect their stat growth is tweaked, and mechanics that might not appear to have an obvious impact are changed around.

    One example of such a thing is that in Black/White Version 1, you could use TMs as many times as you wanted, which means you don't have to worry about wasting a rare move on a monster that ends up not having any place in your team, so you're free to experiment, and particularly useful moves can easily be shared by multiple monsters.

    B/W also added 3 on 3 and rotation battles, thicker grass which enables 2 on 2 random encounters, seasons,feathers that incrementally affect base stats, not to mention completely overhauling the way experience points are distributed when more than one monster contributes to a fight.

    These might seem like minutia, but it's worth remembering that there is a competitive aspect to Pokemon, and just like fighting game or sports game players, hardcore pokemon fans care very much about the quality of these underpinnings from one game to the next.

    If you don't believe me, just google "Pokemon EV Training" and see a glimpse of how far down the rabbit hole goes. (even I don't EV train, and I'm hopeless at a tournament level because of it)

    Also, to Jeff, it surprises me that you're not more into Pokemon, seeing as building a strong, balanced team has so many deck building elements to it.

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