Romney wins first presidential debate on Xbox Live

Whether for the interest in politics or just wanting free Avatar armor, the Xbox Live airing of the presidential debates drew in plenty of users. Microsoft has revealed a few statistics from its live polls, and just as the reaction from pundits and politicos, Romney came out on top.

IGN reports that 11% of the voters identified themselves as undecided, and 17% said they were leaning toward President Obama or Republican candidate Mitt Romney. In 9 out of 10 questions, Romney exceeded his baseline of support, while Obama suffered the inverse with 8 out of 10 questions losing support. 88% of respondents said they are "likely voters" and 69% said they will "definitely talk" to people about the election. Microsoft said that the daily polls have attracted roughly 10,000 users, and that the debate polls "far exceeded this number."

Three more debates are set for this presidential election, all of which will be similarly streamed on Xbox Live. The vice presidential candidates take the stage on October 11. The presidential candidates will spar town hall-style over foreign and domestic policy on October 16, and then discuss foreign policy alone on October 22.