Level-5's Black Box brings Suda 51, Yoot Saito, and Yasumi Matsuno to 3DS eShop

Level-5 is opening its "Black Box" later this year. This collection of 3DS games brings together some of Japan's most iconic designers. Each game will be available individually on the 3DS eShop "before this holiday season." The first game is from Suda 51, creator of No More Heroes and Lollipop Chainsaw. Liberation Maiden (pictured) is a top-down shooter set 100 years in the future. You take control of the president of New Japan as she must "free her country one region at a time." Like most shmups, the goal will be to get the highest score. However, Level-5 is promising "AAA production value" thanks to the collaborative efforts of developer Grasshopper Manufacture, animation studio Bones, and designs from Mahiro Maeda and Yusuke Kozaki. Akira Yamaoka will be sound producer on the title as well. Aero Porter will follow. Seaman creator Yoot Saito's game has players taking control of an airport luggage delivery machine. You'll have to sort color-coded luggage onto the correct conveyor belts, while avoiding mishaps and delays.

Sorting baggage is no easy task

Crimson Shroud rounds out the collection. From Yasumi Matsuno, director of Final Fantasy Tactics, Vagrant Story, and Tactics Ogre, this is a new RPG that "reimagines the tabletop RPG, and puts the power of the dice in the player's hands to determine their fates." Dates and prices have not yet been revealed for these three titles. BOOM video 13957