Mists of Pandaria sales well below last two WoW expansions

While many companies would love to sell 2.7 million copies of any game in the first week of release, that number of sales, revealed today by Blizzard, for the Mists of Pandaria expansion for World of Warcraft represents a steep drop from the 24-hour numbers of the last two expansions.

Cataclysm sold 3.3 million in the first day of sales in late 2010, while Wrath of the Lich King showed 2.8 million over the same period. However, the release was a boost for overall subscriber numbers, boosting the global number to more than 10 million, Blizzard said. That number was up from a reported 9.1 million in August, and reverses a trend that had seen numbers slip from a high of more than 12 million after Cataclysm released.

Those numbers could be slightly better, as the game, which has a distinct Chinese theme, just launched in China on October 2, and figures were not yet available for those sales. The game was released in the United States on September 25.

Blizzard has already started unlocking the new raid content for the game, with more updates coming. If you are one of the new adventurers on the isle of Pandaria, then be sure to check out our travelogues on places to see and people to meet in the game.