Bit.Trip Core grooves onto PC

Gaijin Games is continuing to drop PC ports of its rhythmic BIT.TRIP games at unexpected times in an unlikely order, like jazz scheduling, or scatduling as it's commonly known. Yesterday brought the surprise $10 PC release of the second game, BIT.TRIP CORE, with a little helping hand from Symphony developer Empty Clip Studios.

You can buy it now from Steam, or cough up an extra $2 to get the soundtrack, too.

The first BIT.TRIP game to hit PC was the very first, BEAT, but then Gaijin jumped to the fourth and released RUNNER. Oh, those guys! Gaijin's currently working on BIT.TRIP Presents: Runner 2, Future Legend of Rhythm Alien for PC, Xbox Live Arcade, PlayStation Network and Wii U.

CORE is a fairly simple, but increasingly difficult, rhythm shooter, like this:

BOOM video 13940