Xbox 360 hosting interactive presidential debates

Microsoft is airing the presidential debates on Xbox 360 through its Election 2012 hub. But since it will be aired on a platform that's explicitly made for interactivity, you'll be able to chime in and voice your support for hope, taking America back, or what-have-you.

According to Major Nelson, users can respond to real-time poll questions about the candidates, including their performances, responses, and policy views. Poll results will be published on Xbox Live during the debate. Poll suggestions can be submitted via Twitter with the hashtag #XboxPoll.

The first debate takes place tomorrow at 9PM ET (6PM PT). Microsoft has already announced it will be airing all four debates (three presidential, one vice presidential). Viewing three of the four through Xbox Live will get you some shiny Halo 4 Warrior Armor for your Avatar (pictured above). Presumably, Microsoft is planning the same social interaction features for the remaining three debates.