Krater getting free online co-op this month

By Alice O'Connor, Oct 02, 2012 12:00pm PDT

Life after the apocalypse can be difficult and lonely, so wouldn't it be nice to bring a friend? That'll soon be possible in post-apocalyptic Sweden, as Krater developer Fatshark today announced that it's patching co-op into its squad-based action-RPG on October 23.

The patch will also bring other updates and that sort of thing. You know, patch stuff. The co-op mode will be followed shortly by DLC to give your characters "some nice vanity flavor."

One would not be at all surprised if Fatshark hosted a sale, free weekend or suchlike around the co-op launch, given a statement from producer Robert Bäckström in today's announcement.

"The game experience from day one to now is very different. We have listened to the player feedback. There is a lot things adjusted and added to the game," Bäckström said. "If you played the game at release, and play it on October 23rd, you will get a whole new experience."

Fatshark's latest game, multiplayer medieval murder simulator War of the Roses, hits PC today.

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