The Walking Dead Episode 4 trailer: it gets worse

The rag-tag gang of survivors in Telltale's adventure game The Walking Dead have been through some hairy situations, but with episode four of five just around the corner, surely everything's starting to look up for them? Telltale yesterday dropped Ep4's teaser trailer ahead of its release this month, showing that, well, maybe not quite yet.

Those corpses are still on the move in episode 4, 'Around Every Corner,' so oh your darling Clementine is still in trouble and it seems nobody else will keep an eye on her. As ever, it seems that other people might be as much of a problem as those naughty zombies.

Episode 4's due on PC, Mac, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 this month, at a date to be confirmed later. A physical version of The Walking Dead is coming in December, in time for the holidays.

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