22Cans is only making 'one game,' says Molyneux

Peter Molyneux's new "22Cans" start-up is hard at work on lots of game experiments, which will ultimately provide the creative spark for the studio's first full game. But in a classic and ambitious Molyneux twist, his plan is to make that unnamed title the only game to come out of the studio.

"Everything that we do, every thought that we have, every moment of a day, is all working towards this full game," Molyneux told VG247. "22Cans is only going to make one game and that's it. You just release that single experience then you refine it and adapt it like - and don’t think of this in any way other than an analogy - when a TV company makes a soap opera."

He says that soaps are continuous because they iterate on the same product, which is what he hopes to create with the 22Cans project. "I'm thinking about, 'how can I make this game relevant, be interesting enough for you to come back?', but to also make it something that feels almost like a hobby. That's a very different thought process for someone like me than making a game, sticking it in a box, and putting it on a shelf."

The usual methods are a title update, DLC, or sequel, but he says Curiosity is one piece of making this complicated concept work. "With curiosity, I could literally here, right now, refine that experience. You have to realize that, if I change one thing in this experience, then it may piss the whole world off, but if you want to be a part of this world you’ve got to get into that mindset."

Curiosity just entered beta testing, and 22Cans' second mini-project is Cooperation. The studio plans to make 22 experimental projects in all, before unveiling its full-fledged game.