World of Tanks prettification update 8.0 live

Fine free-to-play tank 'em up World of Tanks is now substantially prettier, as update 8.0 and its graphical overhaul is now live on both North American and European servers. 8.0 also overhauls the physics system, meaning tanks can no longer casually hang over the edge of a cliff to take a pot-shot. Sorry, Heavy-class tanks.

8.0 also brings an updated user interface, new tanks, a new camouflage system, extra sounds, and heaps more. Check the release notes for the whopping great full list of changes. Only nine maps have been fully updated for the new engine so far, with more to come. Fear not, though, as improved efficiency means it should run just as well as before.

We've got 25 new screenshots and here's a charming trailer covering the new physics, explaining how each tank class will be affected. With Medium tanks, for example, "the main difference is they should actually shoot enemy tanks instead of just spotting them." Very droll.