Second Dishonored webisode explores others with powers

The next episode of The Tales from Dunwall series is out for Dishonored, this time, focusing on a young boy who gets a visit from the Outsider, the same entity that gives Corvo the powers players will get to use in the game.

Entitled "The Hand that Feeds," this second episode shows how a bullied boy in Dunwall reacts to his new found power. If these webisodes from Psyop are indeed being added to the canon of Dishonored, then Corvo was not the first to get these powers, setting up the possibility of games with different main protagonists if Dishonored turns out to be successful enough to become a franchise.

The first episode was released yesterday and, assuming the timing stays the same, the final short segment should hit tomorrow. Dishonored is scheduled to come out October 9 on PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

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