Shack PSA: NBA 2K13 demo available now

Baseball season is coming to a close, and being replaced with sport that doesn't take place in the horrible open space we call the outdoors. Sports like basketball, for example, as showcased in NBA 2K13. And on that note, you can try out a demo of the game now.

The demo available on PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Marketplace lets you try out last year's NBA Finals, playing as the Oklahoma City Thunder or the Miami Heat. Both versions allow an online quick match, and the Xbox 360 version lets you try out the Kinect features. You can call out plays and substitutions through the voice commands. This year's version also revises the controls a bit, mapping dribble moves to the right analog stick for more control.

The game proper will be available next week, on October 2, compete with a Dynasty Edition. It's getting weird how many games are offering actual basketballs.