Borderlands 2 bug makes you un-Badass

Borderlands 2 is receiving complaints of a bug that lowers or resets users Badass rank. Players impacted by the apparent bug say their totals have been reset, but the challenges still show as completed so they can't re-earn them.

Worse yet, the bug reports on the official forum (via Kotaku) don't seem to discriminate by platform, so no group of players can feel safe from it. Gearbox community manager Chris Faylor told fans that the company is looking into a fix.

The Badass system awards tokens for achieving mini-challenges, which can then be used to purchase small stat boosts. These buffs work across all saves, so the Badass rank is actually pretty important even after finishing the game as one character. On the bright side, if the game is still showing the challenges as completed, it seems likely that data could be used to restore the ranks without making players re-do their challenges.