Telltale's The Walking Dead retail release coming December

Maybe you've been wanting to play Telltale's gut-wrenching decision simulator The Walking Dead, but you lack the required internet connectivity. Then how are you reading this right now, smart guy? Anyway, we'll deal with your lies later, because Telltale has removed your last remaining reason not to play the game by announcing a disc version coming in December.

The developer announced that the entire season will be available at retail on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on December 4. Pricing wasn't announced, but we would hazard a guess at $20--the price of the similarly disc-ported Back to the Future: The Game.

Waiting until December will also treat you to another advantage that digital purchasers don't currently have: the ability to marathon through the series rapid-fire. Depending on your level of patience with cliffhangers, that might be preferable to the waits between episodes that current players have to cope with. Seriously, it feels like the longest month ever.