Kairo demo explores puzzling lost world

Shooting faces is all good and well, but sometimes a bit of wandering about is just what you need. We live in fine times for first-person explore 'em ups, with the likes of Proteus, Dear Esther, At a Distance, and Richard Perrin's Kairo. Perrin released a demo for his explore-o-puzzler over the weekend, and announced that it'll be released for PC and Mac on October 21.

Download the 121MB demo from Shacknews for Windows or Mac to start exploring the empty world of Kairo, where puzzles must be solved to resurrect mysterious machinery.

You can pre-order Kairo direct from Perrin for $8, which also includes beta access, and can vote it up on Greenlight if you'd like to see it on Steam. Hit the official site for more information.