Abbreviated Caffeinated! Mists of Pandaria Collector's unboxing

Good Afternoon, Shack. I got my World of Warcraft Collector's Edition for Mists of Pandaria today and if you are familiar with Blizzard, then you know the usual inclusions in a CE. You get a cool coffee table art book, a mouse pad, a soundtrack, a behind the scenes video and the game on DVD. And when you finally enter your special decoder-ring serial number, you will log into the game and find each of your characters has a special in-game mount and in-game pet, perfect to test out with the new pet battle system. While the fare is the same, I've always enjoyed having the soundtrack as an extra. I do like the music (feel free to call me crazy). The art book is fine if you are into art, and the behind the scenes video also offers some decent insight into the game. You also get a banner and sigil for Diablo 3 if you are still playing, and a Alliance and Horde portraits for StarCraft 2 What I'm really excited about though is the new mouse pad. I can finally replace the one I got for Rift. I don't plan to get as involved in WoW this time as I did before, but I fully intend to get a diary going on my time in Pandaria. I'll play a monk and a pandaman until I get out of the starting areas, then I'll level one of my 85s to 90. Still not sure which of my five toons will make that journey, but it will probably be the hunter, mage or shaman. My guild is taking me off inactive status. I know WoW is a game that most Shackers love to hate on, but we'll see how it plays starting at 12:01 a.m. Tuesday morning. I guess I will be spending the weekend familiarizing myself with the new skill trees and systems -- oh, and getting my stable of pets up to fighting speed. I'll probably start with the Chinese dragon I got during the Beijing Olympics in 2008. An appropriate for a kung-fu panda, I think. Flashback: What is your favorite moment from vanilla WoW (if you played)? I think mine was the moment I hit Marshal rank in PvP on my rogue. My guild always laughed when I started cursing in Vent because they knew I had come up against a warlock.

The usual fare for a Blizzard expansion. But it still is good value for the in-game mount and pet as well.