Modders recreating Morrowind in Skyrim engine

The Skyrim mod community has already added tons of new weapons, spells, and other knick-knacks for your playing pleasure. But an intrepid group of modders heard you like Elder Scrolls, so it's putting Elder Scrolls in your Elder Scrolls so you can play Elder Scrolls while you play Elder Scrolls. More specifically, the "Skywind" project plans to inject a healthy dose of Morrowind using the Skyrim engine.

So far the fruits of their labor have produced a handful of early shots and videos on the Morroblivion forums (via PC Gamer). If you'd like to help out, the team is currently looking for volunteers. In the long term, the modders hope to bring Oblivion into the world as well, presumably resulting in one giant Tamriel and rendering The Elder Scrolls Online completely pointless.