Starhawk single-player free for PlayStation Plus members, multiplayer available for $19.99

Jumping into a competitive online game can be intimidating, especially if other players have years of experience. Interestingly, Lightbox Interactive may have figured out a way to lure more people into the online world of Starhawk, including newbies.

Starting September 25th, three versions of Starhawk will be available to download on the PlayStation Store. The full game (which includes all post-release updates) will be available for $39.99. However, you can also get the single-player and multiplayer modes separately.

The multiplayer-only edition will be available for $19.99, perfect for Warhawk vets that don't want to plod their way through the story. On the other hand, PlayStation Plus members will be able to get the entire single player experience for free as part of their Instant Game Collection. Considering the single player is essentially a glorified tutorial for multiplayer, it's a great way to tempt new players into buying the multiplayer game as well.

If you've been playing Starhawk from the get-go, there's goodies in store for you too. Making good on their word, Lightbox is releasing another patch that adds three new modes and five new maps to the game. The full details can be read on the PlayStation.Blog.