Borderlands 2 launch trailer: lots to shoot

Borderlands 2 launches tomorrow but you may not want to watch the launch trailer if you're carefully avoiding any and all story spoilers. The previous sentence was, of course, a 'joke.' Come, watch the launch trailer, see how many men, monsters and robots are waiting for you to to shoot them in the face on Pandora.

The skill trees are out so you can already start planning your vault hunter's build.

A hefty slate of Borderlands 2 DLC is already in the pipeline. The Mechromancer class is coming on October 16 for $10 of free as a pre-order bonus, and Gearbox is making four $10 mini-campaigns which you can get for $30 with a DLC Season Pass. Or, on PC, you can buy the Season Pass from Green Man Gaming for only $24 using the voucher code GMG20-AWDF9-Q1PEY. That's also the best place to pre-order digitally on PC, for $38.40 using that same code, which does come with the Mechromancer DLC.

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