Weekend Confirmed 130 - Wii U, Mark of the Ninja, Borderlands 2

By Jeff Mattas, Sep 14, 2012 11:00am PDT

Garnett Lee is joined by "Indie" Jeff Mattas and regular guest Andrea Rene for another round of Weekend Confirmed. On the docket this week are a number of topics surrounding the recent Wii U launch announcements, including some debate about pricing, the strength of its launch title lineup, and who Nintendo is courting as the console's core audience. Developer Klei's Mark of the Ninja gets some universal admiration from the crew, as well. Jeff has to skip out before the last segment, and Garnett and Andrea pull everything together with some early impressions of Borderlands 2 and, of course, Finishing Moves.

Weekend Confirmed Ep. 130: 09/14/2012

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  • I'm always amazed how Nintendo fans come out spewing fire when anyone makes a negative comment about any of their hardware. Say in any gaming forum that the Wii was a bad system or that you regretted or glad that you didn't buy one and you get Nintendo fans coming out of the wood work defending it. Well I'll say this for myself personally and then make some points about the Wii U. I loved Nintendo when I was younger. I played a lot of great games on the SNES, N64, and Gamecube. That doesn't change the fact that the Wii, regardless of it's success, was not a good system software and hardware wise when compared to the other systems. Put it this way, for all the supposed great games that came out on Wii think of all the great games that didn't come out on that system. Anyway I have some major concerns about the Wii-U

    1. HDD Space. You can't claim to be supporting digital purchases and give the system such pathetic HDD space. In a phone 8GB is too little, let alone in a HD console which has to render HD art assets.

    2. The controller. All I have to say is this, we certainly saw how devs used a unique controller to bring brand new and amazing gaming experiences to Wii owners last gen. People never said that Wii games were at their best when they used the motion the least. Certainly those same devs will bring their great talent and imagination to the tablet controller... (Side note, why would I want to look away from my awesome TV to a... blown up DS screen?)

    3. Dev resources. Best case scenario, sales wise, for the Wii-U it sells as well as the Wii. It captures the imagination of the public and it sells like hotcakes. You know what though, even with that optimistic view point, it will still run into a similar problem that the Wii did. The most talented 3rd party devs will not develop for it. The games will be ported more easily now since the controller has the same inputs as what is considered to be the standard controller but those devs will be devoting their time primarily to the offerings from Sony and Microsoft. Devs want power. They want room to try new things on screen, they don't want to be hampered by under powered hardware. Why do you think they've been bitching for the last couple of years for Sony and Microsoft to release new systems?

    4. PS3 and 360. this has to be said again. Devs have made it clear that the Wii-U, at best, is a slightly more powerful version of what has been available for 7 years. At best you get a slightly better looking version of a game that you can get on the other two consoles. True you can't get HD Nintendo games on the other two consoles but judging from last generation it's not like Nintendo releases their games with a lot of frequency.