Weekend Confirmed 130 - Wii U, Mark of the Ninja, Borderlands 2

By Jeff Mattas, Sep 14, 2012 11:00am PDT

Garnett Lee is joined by "Indie" Jeff Mattas and regular guest Andrea Rene for another round of Weekend Confirmed. On the docket this week are a number of topics surrounding the recent Wii U launch announcements, including some debate about pricing, the strength of its launch title lineup, and who Nintendo is courting as the console's core audience. Developer Klei's Mark of the Ninja gets some universal admiration from the crew, as well. Jeff has to skip out before the last segment, and Garnett and Andrea pull everything together with some early impressions of Borderlands 2 and, of course, Finishing Moves.

Weekend Confirmed Ep. 130: 09/14/2012

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  • Hey Garnet and Crew, I too was getting ticked off at all the negativity towards Nintendo but I see that the Shackers have already put you guys through the ringer:-).

    OK...you guys are not Nintendo's target audience. The Wii U message "Great for families and just core enough" probably doesn't resonate very well with most Shackers. But look at the big picture...Nintendo is going against giants like Sony and Microsoft. They would love love love to give you a console that can be next gen with ridiculous processing power...but the truth is they will probably be banking their company on it and then Sony and Microsoft will outspend them easily and succeed. There is no room at the top for 3 console makers who will make relatively the same console. Sony and Microsoft can probably survive taking bites out of each other in that market but not Nintendo. They tried competing head to head with the Gamecube and you saw what happened.

    So Nintendo can only do what they can do...they need to find that niche just like they did with the Wii...something that is innovative which is not based on how much advanced hardware you can pack into the console. Will this happen with the Wii U? I don't know but I really hope so. I use my PS3 more then my Wii but my most favorite gaming memories these past 2 years has been playing Kirby's Yarn, Mario Galaxy, Donkey Kong Country with my daughter.

    So cut Nintendo a break guys, you can be critical but at least give a little more viewpoints then just that the Wii U sucks. Bring Billy in or something.