Weekend Confirmed 130 - Wii U, Mark of the Ninja, Borderlands 2

By Jeff Mattas, Sep 14, 2012 11:00am PDT

Garnett Lee is joined by "Indie" Jeff Mattas and regular guest Andrea Rene for another round of Weekend Confirmed. On the docket this week are a number of topics surrounding the recent Wii U launch announcements, including some debate about pricing, the strength of its launch title lineup, and who Nintendo is courting as the console's core audience. Developer Klei's Mark of the Ninja gets some universal admiration from the crew, as well. Jeff has to skip out before the last segment, and Garnett and Andrea pull everything together with some early impressions of Borderlands 2 and, of course, Finishing Moves.

Weekend Confirmed Ep. 130: 09/14/2012

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  • Ok, to make it so I am not attacking anyone I am going to give some thoughts on the WiiU first and Nintendo Second.

    Wii U - the year old port comment is a little unfair. Yes Mass Effect 3 and Batman are coming out, but so are Assassin’s Creed 3, and COD, the two largest releases of this year along side their other platform contemporaries. Darksiders 2, Tekken and Madden coming out a few months after their other console counterparts. Add to that some exclusives like Rayman and you get a decent smattering of games. Better third party representation than Nintendo has had in years. Problem is those games are available on other platforms and I will dig deeper into that in the Nintendo Section.
    As time goes on Pikmin, Wonderful 101, Bayonetta 2 etc. will flesh out the library and new announcements from Nintendo 3rd party will come.

    As for the confusion about the off screen play, I expect to use that feature all the time. I expect that when my wife and I are having the last few hours of down time at the end of the day we will flick on the TV and I will play multiplayer off just the pad. Chat with her about current events or the show on in the BG between spawns, I don't play that seriously. I may be unique in that I see the features like off TV play as more central than playing with both screens. I have precious little spare time, I often have to choose between TV time with the Mrs. and game time, if this means I don't have to short change my wife as much and I get more game time I win.

    I also like party games so the asymmetric stuff sounds fun. My friends and I play local multi a lot so the ability to play full blown COD co-op off one system appeals. Again the factors of my life and taste are different than that of the people on this show, but that is why I am posting, not to debate you, but to offer a different point of view.

    Finally I think getting COD etc. on Wii U is less about people with 360s and more for people like my older Brother. He wants to get into games, but his wife says she will end up widowed, so if he could go off TV when she wants to be around, but not actively engaged with him he can get in some play time.
    On Nintendo and 3rd parties - I think they may have painted themselves into a corner here. Most "Hardcore Gamers", for lack of a better term, buy all consoles, they purchase the Nintendo console, because there will inevitably be that Mario Galaxy level experience they don't want to miss out on. Unfortunately that means they don't play much else on the system and resent the full purchase cost of the hardware.

    My new theory becomes that whether that "Hardcore Gamer" realizes it or not what they want is a Playstation or/and Xbox with a variety of first and third party content, along with a Nintendo platform with just as much content as each of those systems without any title overlap. Its increasingly frustrating for Nintendo seeing as how Sony and MS are not held to the same standard and their libraries overlap big time without causing a stir, meanwhile Nintendo has to have a library just as large with entirely exclusive high quality content. This would either be achieved by Nintendo being able to produce way more first party than possible or by having third parties making AAA tent pole releases just for Nintendo at the same time as making entirely different AAA tent poles for the other two platforms. In both scenarios the resources just don't exist.

    Maybe that will be why Nintendo eventually falls off, the also ran place they put themselves in means that course correcting does not work because it just gives them the same titles as are available on other platforms and that's not what this community wants, but its the best I think they can offer.

    Love and Peace.

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