NCsoft's Blade & Soul coming westward

Free-to-play games were once seen as a bit low-budget and janky compared to 'proper' games, but the F2P revolution of recent years has shown they can be just as pleasant and polished as anything wot comes in a box. NCsoft's Blade & Soul certainly has prettiness down pat, and the publisher announced yesterday it's bringing the F2P MMORPG westward following a smash hit launch in South Korea.

Blade & Soul is inspired by those sorts of Asian martial arts films with gliding jumps and lots of swooshing fabric. You know, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and all that.

Developed internally by Team Bloodlust, B&S has been "consistently ranking as one of the top games in PC cafes across South Korea since its launch 11 weeks ago" according to NCsoft.

There's no word yet on when the western launch will be. Hit the official site for more.

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