GameStop accepting Wii U preorders

Nintendo finally revealed a release date and price for the Wii U this morning. If that got you stoked for getting your hands on a system, you should know that GameStop has opened up its pre-orders today complete with trade-in incentives.

The GameStop site details the pre-orders, also offering up to $140 in trade-in value if you decide you want to swap your slim-model PlayStation 3 for a Wii U. But almost no one would do that because it is a terrible, terrible idea. A more reasonable trade-in of a Wii system will net you fifty bucks, which may just be enough to make you spring for the Wii U Deluxe Set.

As reported earlier today, the "Basic Set" costs $299.99 and includes the Wii U, GamePad, HDMI cable, sensor bar, and 8GB of storage, all modeled in white. The "Deluxe Set" for $349.99 is all black instead, and gives you everything from the Basic model, ups the storage to 32GB, and includes a GamePad charging cradle and a stand for the GamePad and controller. It also gets you Nintendo Land, and access to a premium service that grants points for digital purchases.