One Piece: Pirate Warriors preview: copying a dynasty

If you've played Dynasty Warriors, then you already know what to expect. One Piece: Pirate Warriors is yet another iteration using Omega Force's reliable formula--this time, featuring One Piece characters.

As in other Dynasty Warriors games, your main defense is a good offense. Namely, you want to defeat seemingly endless waves of enemies. There are two types of basic attacks: a weak attack that's fast with shorter range, and a strong attack that's slower with wider range. Luffy has access to a number of combos, and a special meter that builds up with each successive hit. When your special meter is full, you can unleash a special themed attack, perfect for when you are surrounded by enemies, or have to fight an enemy boss.

Unfortunately, this is the same formula that's been employed countless times in other Dynasty Warriors games. It doesn't appear Omega Force has really taken advantage of the license to do something truly unique. Even the boss--a Pacifista--is no different from standard Dynasty bosses: it has more health, and dishes out hard-hitting attacks. Pirate Warriors adds QTE sequences, for when avoiding boss special attacks, or when you need to perform a finishing move.

Considering Namco Bandai published the blatantly-titled Dynasty Warriors: Gundam, it's surprising that the publisher only alludes to the connection in Pirate Warriors. Perhaps another surprise is the lack of an English dub for the localized build. The game will only have Japanese voices with subtitles, so fans that prefer English dubs should take note. (Granted, I've never heard of a self-proclaimed anime fan that prefers dubs.)

One Piece: Pirate Warriors will be available exclusively on PlayStation Network on September 25th.