'New Conduit-related news' coming later this year

Wii's original FPS series, The Conduit, has not been forgotten. Developer High Voltage Software is currently finishing Zone of the Enders: HD Collection, but promises to work on "a greater proportion of original IP games." Perhaps the most high-profile of High Voltage's library of originals is The Conduit.

Speaking on the GameFAQs boards (via Joystiq), High Voltage's Bob Chamot said that "we haven't forgotten about Conduit over here, either. I would expect some new Conduit-related news before the year is out."

Although The Conduit series has failed to receive much critical acclaim, Nintendo loyalists are appreciative of the developer's effort to create an original game for hardcore Wii players. "I'm excited about the projects we're working on now. I think they represent a new chapter for us: one that's more forward-thinking than before," Chamot added.