Free Plants vs Zombies in Halloween dental promo

You may not want to contribute to kids' tooth decay this Halloween, but chances are you don't want to be "that guy." You know, the one who handed out little toothbrushes or apple slices to trick-or-treaters. Luckily, PopCap has teamed up with the American Dental Association to let you give away something much cooler than toothbrushes or (dare we say) candy: Plants vs Zombies.

The "Stop Zombie Mouth" campaign lets you give trick-or-treaters a free game coupon for the PC or Mac version of Plants vs Zombies. You can pick up sets of limited-edition PvZ trading cards with download codes from an ADA member dentist, or you can visit the official site to print coupons. The announcement estimates it will give away millions of games in all, along with more than a million of the trading card packs.

"We at PopCap have been interested in the potential for video games to provide benefits beyond entertainment for many years," said co-founder John Vechey, in the announcement. "We're passionate about the very important cause behind the 'Stop Zombie Mouth' campaign and proud to be highlighting yet another positive effect that games can have on society."