Toys R Us making gaming tablet for kids

By Steve Watts, Sep 10, 2012 12:30pm PDT

It can be tough to choose between a kid's desire to play games on a tablet and your desire not to have a 6-year-old break your $500 status symbol. If you're constantly handing your iPad to your kid only to fret every time they toss it in the air, good news. Toys R Us is making a cheaper tablet explicitly for the smaller set.

Gamasutra reports that the "Tabeo" Android tablet will be sold in TRU stores starting on October 21. It will come installed with 20 games like Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja, along with books and educational apps. The tablet will also connect to its own specialty app store, full of kid-safe apps curated by Toys R Us.

It will feature a 7-inch screen, multi-touch, with a built-in camera, WiFi, motion controls, 4GB of storage, a microSDHC slot, and parental controls. Its price tag of $150 puts it far below most other tablets, particularly the pricey iPad, but slightly above LeapFrog's LeapPad2 tablet.

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