Pokemon Black & White 2 offers rare creature for early adopters

Like their predecessors, Pokemon Black 2 and White 2 will feature a rare Pokemon for early purchasers. If you connect through to Nintendo WiFi sometime within roughly a month of the game's launch, you can get your hands on the mythical Genesect. The Bug and Steel type has its own signature move, the Techno Blast.

The game releases on October 7, and you'll have to grab your free Genesect before November 12. The announcement also mentions that it can adjust its power level based on its opponent, though it's not exactly clear what that means. Here's hoping it means that you can use weaker attacks to keep from knocking out wild monsters that you'd rather catch.

This offer is similar to the first Black and White games, which offered Victini to early adopters. Whether a metal bug is as cool as a psychic-fire fox, we'll let you decide. (The correct answer is "no.")

Black and White 2 take place two years after the other games, marking the first time the series has had a direct sequel. Each version will also feature a special dungeon--Black Tower and White Treehollow, respectively--with randomly generated layouts to keep them fresh each time.