Medal of Honor: Warfighter map pack based on Osama bin Laden movie

EA and Sony are crossing charitable efforts with virtual warfare, with a map pack set to give at least $1 million to its Project Honor charity. The charity pack will be available on December 17, to tie into the film Zero Dark Thirty from Sony Pictures, focusing on the multi-year manhunt for Osama bin Laden. For a series that prides itself in verisimilitude and real life locations, the partnership makes sense.

The "Zero Dark Thirty Map Pack" will cost $9.99, and a "portion" of the proceeds will go to Project Honor, which gives money to nonprofit veterans organizations. The companies are committing to a $1 million minimum donation, though players could push that number up with sales of the map pack. It will include two multiplayer maps: the illegal Darra Gun Market in an urban area of Pakistan, and the rugged Chitral region in northern Pakistan.

"Working with Project Honor is a meaningful way for us to continue our support for combat veterans throughout the armed services," said Zero Dark Thirty writer-producer Mark Boal, in the announcement. "We are thrilled to be a part of this effort, and we're humbled that EA is stepping up to the plate with such a significant contribution."

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