Xbox Live Indie Games Uprising 3 kicks off

A plucky gang of spunky indie developers has once again banded together to raise the profile of Xbox Live Indie Games with the Indie Games Uprising III. The community-run promotion has lined up ten more fine XBLIG games, which will be released daily on weekdays from today, hoping to draw attention and dollars to that sadly neglected corner of the Xbox 360 dashboard.

The third Uprising's lineup includes "arcade documentary" qrth-phyl, dungeon crawler Diehard Dungeon, portal 'em up Gateways, first-person puzzle-platformers Pixel and Entropy, call center sim Smooth Operators, and Groundhog Day 'em up City Tuesday.

It's nice to see the Uprising become an annual fixture, as XBLIG is still largely a squandered resource. Microsoft has recently made a few changes this year to help it out, boosting the maximum game size and allowing developers to change a game's price every 7 days--a huge improvement over the previous 90.

Hit the official site for more information and details on the full lineup, and peep the games: