Sony, Bethesda trying to get PS3 Dawnguard DLC working

Bethesda has been having problems getting the Dawnguard DLC for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim working properly on the PlayStation 3. They have even gone so far as to say they may not resolve the problem, but that doesn't mean they still aren't still working diligently.

Sony has weighed in, with VP Adam Boyes telling Kotaku that a team has been working with Bethesda to fix the issues plaguing the PS3 version. "We have a big, broad dev support team that works closely with Bethesda," he said. While he hopes the troubles can be solved quickly, he didn't want to commit to any time frame. "Everyone involved is trying their best to get this stuff working."

Dawnguard has been available on the Xbox 360 and PC for more than a month, and Hearthfire DLC just released for the Xbox 360 last week.