Morning Caffeinated! -- Guild Wars 2 hacks and Mists of Pandaria prep

By John Keefer, Sep 10, 2012 8:35am PDT

It was a bad weekend, Shack. Not that I should have expected any different from my perennial losers of sports teams. As a long-suffering Cleveland fan, my Browns and Indians lost late, and I fully expect my Cavaliers will regret choosing Dion Waiters with their first overall draft pick this year. The good news is all my teams should have high first round picks in their respective drafts next year. Cleveland would probably have better luck in Madden NFL 13, NBA 2K13 or Major League Baseball 2K12. I'm just so disgusted.

And now for some real gaming news.

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With success comes scrutiny, usually from the unsavory types. And Guild Wars 2 apparently is feeling the major impact of that from hackers trying to gain access to player accounts. Developer ArenaNet said that it has received more than 11,000 support requests from people who have had their accounts compromised. The developer is encouraging everyone to use different emails or passwords for their accounts and web sites they frequent.

While that is great, in theory, I personally have more than 50 online accounts, between banking, game and social sites, etc. These same people that tell you to have different user names and passwords are also the same people who tell you not to write them down where other people can find them. While I try to follow that advice, it sure is getting harder and harder not to overlap because it is really difficult to remember all the complicated passwords I have. On numerous occasions, I have had to reset my password because I just flat out forgot it. There has got to be an easier way to streamline the process.

* * * * *

While I really do want to start playing Guild Wars 2, I am forcing myself to get back into World of Warcraft so I can be ready to review Mists of Pandaria when it comes out later this month. The new 5.0.4 patch offered a ton of changes to learn. I know WoW is a game that Shackers love to hate on, but I really want to see how the new monk class plays and what the starting area is like. Yeah, I could play the beta, but that would spoil the fun. A new TV commercial for the expansion launched over the weekend, but unfortunately, it just regurgitated much of the opening cinematic. After I play my panda monk through the starting areas, I just need to decide which of my 85s will get to progress to 90. Enhancement shaman, hunter, rogue, mage or shadow priest? There can be only one. I'll let you guys pick for me.

* * * * *

Speaking of TV commercials, a new one for Assassin's Creed 3 has also materialized. I never played the first two (except for an aborted attempt at the original), but this one has really piqued my interest for some reason. Not sure if it is the American Revolution setting, a milieu that has always intrigued me, or if it is just the gamer in me saying "What are you waiting for?" I guess I will be playing the PC version when it finally arrives in November.

* * * * *

Random bits & Quick hits: Man, Remember Me looks really interesting. Adding that to my "must try" list ... Adding Richard Garriott to my list of interviewees for Where are They Now. It should be fun to retrace his career ... I'll be glad when the summer lull is over for game releases. There hasn't been much coming out to get me off my nostalgia kick.

Flashback: The was a good discussion in Chatty about games we thought were great back in the day. Lukiopimp mentioned Homeworld, and I had to admit that I really liked that game. Prompted a fun recollection of an interview I had with Relic's Alex Garden in late 1999. Fun times.

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