Minecraft dev says 0x10c prototype 'wasn't fun,' being reworked

Mojang Specifications is juggling a lot of projects, from continued Minecraft support and the upcoming title Scrolls, to whatever personal inspiration strikes studio founder Markus "Notch" Persson. Right now Persson's pet project is the space sim 0x10c, which he says he'll be retooling shortly.

"I have the game world fleshed out, all the soft stuff, like the setting," Persson told Joystiq. "And I have the emulator for the CPU, which is probably the most complex part of it, all written. I had a prototype for walking around and trying out all of the graphics styles, but that wasn't really fun. So I kind of took a break to recharge my batteries and deal with some personal stuff, and then I'll probably start over again when I get back to Sweden."

Specifically, he intends to "rethink how the rendering is done, how the physics is done for the character." He says the construction aspect in its last iteration was "really annoying."

As previously reported, the game will be monetized like Minecraft with early versions being released in phases for users who want to get in on the action. Now that it's going back to the figurative drawing board, though, that might be a little while longer.