Morning Caffeinated! -- An Epic Planetary Wasteland 2 Edition

By John Keefer, Sep 07, 2012 7:50am PDT

It's Friday, Shackers, and a slow one at that. So it's time for another edition of the Friday Feeding**, where I open the floor for any topic you want to discuss. It can be anything from things in the industry to things on TV to what's going on at Shacknews. I'll kick things off with a few observations, and you readers can take it from there.

* * * * *

Planetary Annihilation has hit their second stretch goal on Kickstarter for gas giants and expanded orbital units. But they also revealed their fourth goal of a Galactic War, which is meant to add a bit of a single-player possibility without a full campaign. Unfortunately, their case stream has slowed quite a bit since the initial announcement, and I'm skeptical (but still hopeful) that they can grab another $500,000 in the remaining seven days. And they still have one more stretch goal to announce. If you have been under a rock and missed out on what the project was, then you will want to check out the massive interview we did with Uber's Jon Mavor on the project.

* * * * *

It's really cool to see a company expanding as much as Epic Games has in light of all of the recent studio closings and layoffs. First, they embrace the ex-Big Huge Gamers to form Impossible Studios, then they gobble up Gears of War: Judgment dev People Can Fly, and now they are opening an as-yet unnamed studio in Seattle. The wording of their release left a lot of room for interpretation on what their plans are in the Great Northwest, so it will be interesting to see what cleverness they will unveil next.

* * * * *

Anyone else a bit surprised by that Wasteland 2 video? When fans donate more than $3 million dollars to your game, I would think that you'd want something a bit more flashy to show off as your first vid. I know Brian Fargo qualified it as just showing camera angles, but is that REALLY that exciting? Don't get me wrong, I like Fargo and inXile, but this just struck me as a bit off. I hope the next reveal has some meat on its bones.

* * * * *

Random bits & Quick hits: Ghost Recon Online is on hold for the Wii U? That's a pretty big slap in Nintendo's face by Ubisoft after the game was one of the show pieces to the Wii U hardware announcement at E3 2011 ... I never got into the Madden games, but to think that the equivalent of 47,000 full NFL games were played in the first week is pretty mind boggling ... Diablo 3 continues to get tweaks, this time with crowd control under the microscope. Oh, and for those who didn't know, we already have a Barbarian that hit Paragon level 100. Not sure if we should be congratulating him or feeling sorry for him.

Flashback: Richard Garriott is taking his new game, Ultimate Collector, to Zynga. Lord British has been pretty much out of the gaming limelight for a while, but I do miss his influence and his company, Origin Systems. I will always remember the day Lord British was killed in an Ultima Online beta test when Garriott forgot to set his invulnerability flag after a server crash. What is your most memorable in-game event?

Now make with the discussion. Have a good weekend, Shack.

** Friday Feeding is a more front-page friendly name than the previous DGAS Fridays in Chatty. Embrace the change.

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