Wasteland 2 video plays with camera angles

A short demonstration of Wasteland 2 was shown at Unite 2012, and inXile's Brian Fargo offered it to show what the in-game camera can do. Unfortunately, it shows pretty much the same scene revealed in the game's first screenshot.

Fargo tweeted that the demo was to show what the camera can do in the game, such as closeup and traditional isometric views, and that people shouldn't "worry about animation speeds, effects, etc." He showed the demo as part of a "Power of the People" presentation, offering it as a brief sample of what the team has started working on since their Kickstarter funding succeeded back in mid-April. He said that the camera angles were the key, but the team still had a year to "get dialed in."

Take a look, and old-schoolers can watch for a top-down view.