Trials Evolution Gold coming to PC with Trials HD tracks

RedLynx's last few Trials games have skipped the PC, sticking to Xbox Live Arcade, but Ubisoft announced today that they're coming with gusto in Trials Evolution: Gold Edition. We won't miss out on anything, as the Gold Edition expands Trials Evolution with all the single-player tracks and games from Trials HD. Oh, think of all the horrific accidents you'll have!

If you've missed RedLynx's Trials series, it's all about stunt-a-race-o-platformer motorbike time trials, urging you to hurtle along treacherous courses at high speeds, carefully balancing your bike. Inevitably, you tumble off while traversing collapsing bridges, go flying when you're just a bit too slow around loop-the-loops, and generally get into nasty scrapes. Throw in leaderboards urging you to ride ever faster to best your friends, and you've got jolly fun video gaming.

Ubisoft claims in today's announcement that it's all "optimized and enhanced" for PC, with the editor, leaderboards and whatnot "re-integrated into the game in a way that fits the new platform."

Trials Evolution Gold Edition is scheduled for a downloadable release on PC in "early 2013."

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