Thunder Wolves bringing helicopters, explosions to PC and consoles

"Get to the chopper!" cries the narrator of Thunder Wolves' announcement trailer. "Come get some!" Clearly, the helicopter 'em up from Defenders of Ardania developer Most Wanted isn't going for the simulator experience. Announced today by Ubisoft, it's coming to PC, Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network in the first quarter of 2013.

"Prepare to drop an elite commando onto a fast-moving train, protect a convoy while it carries a nuclear warhead or control the course of a torpedo to kill a warship," Ubisoft said in the announcement, giving an idea of the range of mission. You needn't tackle these tasks alone, mind, as it supports two-player co-op.

Thunder Wolves packs eight choppers across three classes, from the sneaky to the explodey, which you upgrade and customize with offensive and defensive weapons.

We have a few screenshots, and here's the announcement trailer:

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